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Feminine Energy

You have probably heard people described as having strong “feminine energy,” but what does this really mean? According to Oxford English Dictionary, femininity means the characteristic quality or assemblage of qualities pertaining to the female sex, womanliness. These qualities encompass more than some of the characteristics typically associated with femininity, such as appearance and other superficial aspects. Makeup and dress do not necessarily make one feminine. Feminine energy is connected to receptivity, love, nurturing, and compassion; these are all aspects of the heart. While it is the opposite of the masculine energy of doing, everyone has some degree of both feminine and masculine energy, regardless of their gender.

Masculine energy relates to action – working toward goals and moving forward. It is often associated with one's outer expression through doing; whereas, feminine energy is associated with one’s creative energy, intuition, and being, more than doing. Sometimes these get out of balance, especially when the culture and social norm set the standard of achievement and getting ahead. Both feminine and masculine energies are valuable and are needed in various situations. At work, for example, one needs to actively make progress and accomplish goals, often an expression of masculine energy. When taking care of others or being replenished by nature, one might tune into the feminine energy of empathy and inner processing.

While boys are often encouraged to embrace and exhibit more masculine qualities, they benefit and experience fuller lives by allowing the expression of their feminine side. Traditionally girls have been encouraged to express and live into the stereotypical feminine attributes, but there is much to gain by being able and free to embody some of the more masculine energies of action, directness, and achievement.

Getting in touch with your feminine side

Whether male, female, trans, or gender-fluid, your life may feel richer and more balanced when you can invite in and allow some feminine energy to flourish. There’s a time to be active and move forward, and there’s a time to rest, rejuvenate, and be spontaneous. If you are mostly focused on working, producing, keeping up or excelling, and/or obtaining more and more material things, you may eventually feel like something is missing. That is a sign that you might want to connect with your feminine side by taking time off, taking a walk in nature, allowing yourself to just sit and look out the window, doing something you might not usually do, trying something different, or letting yourself day-dream.


With the busyness of life, we do not often take time to reflect on what we are thinking, feeling, and doing. If your life is like many in the work world, you might be raising children, maintaining a home, working long hours, going to bed, and getting up to do it all over again. Find a few moments each day, whenever it fits into your schedule, to review the day; assess how you are feeling; ask yourself if what you are doing brings joy and meaning. Including a mindfulness practice is a good way to take this time to recharge and reflect without having to accomplish something.

If you are single and working long hours, you can find a time that works for you to reflect in a way that resonates with you. Perhaps it is taking a brisk walk, going to the gym, writing in a journal, or any other way that you can reflect on your day, your week, the year, and your life in general.

Go outdoors

Fresh air and nature are vitally rejuvenating and connect you with the creative, nurturing energy of “Mother Earth.” This energy is healing and restorative; it gives space to simply be without needing to do anything. Try to get outdoors, if only for 10-15 minutes; take a walk, sit by water, or work in your garden.

Open yourself to creativity

The feminine connotes creativity. This is true in all cultures. Whatever gender identity you hold, you need to tap into creativity in whatever way resonates with you. Playing music, writing, dancing, creating art, designing a garden are just some of the ways to experience and express your creativity. This practice is life giving and life affirming. It softens the driving energy of pushing and achieving.

Tune into your feelings

If you find that you are operating too much in your head by overthinking, switch gears and check in with what you are feeling emotionally and physically. Masculine energy is associated with logic, which is obviously very valuable, but can also throw you off balance. The mind is an incredibly powerful part of oneself, and there are other aspects as well, including the heart. Many people are out of touch with their feelings and operate solely from their head. Get to know and understand what you are feeling. You can start by sitting in a quiet place, closing your eyes, noticing and slowing your breath, and scanning your body for where you feel tension, stress, tightness, agitation. Also, notice any emotions you are feeling that might correspond with these physical feelings, and name them.

Invite spontaneity

Yes, work is always there, but often people become “slaves” to work. They live to work instead of work to live. Sometimes this makes people feel like they can never catch up or keep up. It is difficult to enjoy the spontaneity of life when operating in this mode. Allow yourself some down time to do something spontaneously and to play. Don’t wait for a once-a-year vacation to do this; find time during your work week to shift the cycle from overwork to joyful play. Remember a time when you were spontaneous and playful; picture where you were, who was there, and how you felt. Beings spontaneous is refreshing and joyful, and it offers a mini-vacation from overwork.

Practice caring and compassion

Caring first and foremost includes caring for yourself. You can do this in a multitude of ways, including exercise, getting a massage, spending time with friends, taking a long bath, listening to music, and even having a cup of tea. Give yourself time to enjoy the things that bring meaning and pleasure to you. When you fill your own energy well, you have more to give others.

Invite and step into all aspects of being feminine

Embracing and living into your feminine energy comes across in your whole being. It is how you hold and carry yourself; how you speak and convey through words and tone of voice your meaning; how you view and relate to others; how you keep your home; and how you relate to nature and your environment. Who you are, including your feminine energy, transcends superficial aspects. It is a testament to the core of who you are – your ability to have empathy, understand, and love; it is your spiritual connection in whatever that means to you. These are the keys to deeper, more flourishing aspects of being feminine.

If you feel exhausted, burned out, and fragmented, this may be a sign that you are out of balance and need feminine energy to inspire and restore you.

Balancing Your Feminine Energy Training

Learning about how to rebalance your energy through training is another way you can get in touch with your feminine energy. The Karen Natasha Coaching training program offers workshops on tools and practices. See for more details.

What to do TODAY?

Karen Natasha Coaching helps many people access awareness about themselves. We help people shift their energy, so that they can move forward with assurance, confidence, and renewed energy to achieve their goals and bring their best selves to any situation. We can help you gain a sense of empowerment by understanding feminine energy and learning how to develop and express it. Contact Karen Natasha Coaching for a consultation to experience how we can help.

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